Simpler Things

Cupcake Flavours

Classic Red Velvet Sponge


Biscoff - Caramel sponge with Biscoff filling and SMB

Cereal Milk - Vanilla sponge with Cereal flavoured SMB

Chocolate Fudge - Choc. sponge with chocolate cream cheese frosting 

Choc Raspberry - Chocolate sponge with raspberry coulis

Cookies & Cream - chocolate sponge with cookies and cream  SMB

Earl Grey - Earl Grey sponge with lemon SMB

Lemon - Lemon sponge with SMB

Red Velvet - Red velvet sponge with cream cheese frosting

Salted Caramel - Caramel sponge with Caramel buttercream

Vanilla - classic vanilla sponge with SMB

*SMB (Swiss Meringue Buttercream)

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Menu/Price List

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